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⁣Watching the sunrise is undeniably one of life's simple and most beautiful pleasures. Every morning in Sydney brings a new array of vibrant colors for a captivating show that is both reflective and energizing. For those looking to take full advantage of the beauty this miraculous event offers, there are plenty of spots throughout the city including sandy shorelines, majestic lookouts, and other places offering some of nature’s best views!


1:02 Bronte Beach
1:34 Glebe Foreshore Walk
2:03 Hornby Lighthouse
2:42 Bondi Beach
3:10 Narrabeen Tidal Pool
3:45 Bradley’s Head
4:17 Coogee Beach
4:46 Blues Point Road
5:19 Clovelly Beach

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Most Stunning Spots to see the Sydney Sunset

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