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2022 Rimac Nevera Exclusive - Walkaround in 4k HDR

3 Views· 09/30/22
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Thanks to Holand Automotive Group & Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Quebec for making this available
If you're interested in buying this vehicle or to get any other information, please send me an email at francis@holandleasing.com or visit my website at https://www.holandautomotivegroup.com

Link to the ad;
Press car

Unlimited Music, Artlist License

Price; $3.2 M CAD

Acceleration* (0-60mph)
1.85 sec
*high-friction surface, one foot roll-out

Acceleration* 0-100 km/h / (0-62mph)
1.97 sec
*high-friction surface, one foot roll-out

Acceleration* 0-300 km/h
9.3 sec
*high-friction surface, one foot roll-out

¼ mile time (0-402 m)
8.582 sec

Top speed
412 km/h / 258 mph

Power outputs
1400 kW / 1914hp

Motor torque
2360 Nm

Wheel torque
13430 Nm

490 km
**WLTP range based on final testing

Capable of exceptional speeds, swift and powerful beyond comprehension. Like the mighty storm system from which it takes its name, Nevera is a force like no other. Designed, engineered and handcrafted in Croatia, defined by function and forged from a love for automotive, Nevera was born to outperform.

The Nevera brings an almost-preposterous 1813 horsepower to bear via a quad-motor propulsion system that assigns one carbon-sleeved permanent-magnet AC synchronous motor and direct-drive transmission to each wheel. (That figure is slightly less than the peak output we've reported before, as engineers on-site at the drive event confirmed that 1877 hp is the battery's maximum output, but 1813 hp is the maximum that can make it to the motors.) The car's total output at full whack is naturally rear biased, because while each front motor is rated at 295 hp and 207 lb-ft, the two rear drive units are good for a monster 644 horses and 664 lb-ft apiece. The Nevera is said to be capable of a 1.85-second leap to 60 mph and a quarter-mile time of 8.6 seconds. Those numbers were earned on a prepped drag strip, but we don't think they're too far off what we might measure when we get the chance. Rimac also claims a top speed of 258 mph.

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