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Storyline Online School Teachers Free StoryTime Reading Children's Unicorn Book Series Unicorn



#SocialEmotionalLearning #StoryTime #UnicornJazz

0:24 Once there was a Unicorn Named Jazz
05:14 Character Woof the Crow Meets Unicorn Jazz
09:40 Official Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song

Watch Eye See You Choosing Kindness next: https://youtu.be/7kayJbcCShI

Ask about a Free Virtual Author visit by children's author Lisa Caprelli . This award-winning children's book series free for kids at home during physical distancing for teachers and educators. Read publisher's guidelines for more information at UnicornJazz.com

Be Bold, Be Brave! Watch the Unicorn Jazz storybook & song come to life! Teachers love the social emotional learning and free curriculum on author's website. A children's unicorn book series encouraging the power of being unique. Unicorn Stories online

Children's Unicorn Books School Kids Home at School? Storyline online books
Free Read aloud Children's books Unicorn Jazz Unicorn book series as sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Grab all the Unicorn Jazz books in its series on author's website, plus free coloring pages

School librarian recommended, teacher recommended. Authors giving permission to read their children's books for schools streaming.

Unicorn Jazz by award-winning children's author Lisa Caprelli is on Audible and streaming as a movie Amazon Prime

Video read alouds for kids
Kids book turned into a movie
Kids book with Audible
Kids book with free activities
Kids book with free curriculum
Kids book with coloring pages that go beyond the books!


Unicorn Jazz children’s book series can be found on the link in our bio!

Art & Story with Davey Villalobos

#unicornjazz #childrenbooks #kidbooks

Children's Unicorn Books Series, Award-winning children's book, author Lisa Caprelli
Grab our gift to unicorn lovers, unicorn free coloring pages. Simply to go to UnicornJazz.com/freecoloringpages

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