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A Visual Symphony - Leica SL2-S and Kristian Dowling

4 Views· 09/20/22
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Kirstian Dowling: "For my professional work, I have been using the Leica SL
System exclusively for the past five years. The SL2-S has taken
everything I loved in the SL and improved in almost every category."

Director/Producer: Kristian Dowling
Director of Photography: Joseph Nguyen
Photographer: Kristian Dowling
Assistant: Patthranida Sakulsupwattana
Gaffer: Kristian Dowling
Lighting: Tony Steele/Nanlite
Editors: Joseph Nguyen and Kristian Dowling
Concept/Writer: Kristian Dowling
Dancer: Lily Rose Munivrana
Hair/Makeup: Cammi Tu

All video footage and images shot on Leica SL2-S using all SL lenses – 16-35mm, 35/2 APO, 50/2 APO, 90-280 APO.

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