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Africa Vlog - Zimbabwe | Truth About Where I Grew Up, Food In Africa, & My Family Trip | Sanne V

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My Trip To Africa - Zimbabwe | Truth About My Childhood & Where I Grew Up, Experiencing Africa After Nineteen Years Away, Eating Traditional African Food, & Our First Family Vacation Back To Where It All Started | Sanne Vloet


How many of you know about my childhood? Do you guys know where I was born or do any of you guys remember where my family moved to when I was only a year old? Bonus question for all of you amazing souls who have been with me from the start, where was Jules born?

It’s finally here! The first of three vlogs from my three week trip to the African continent. I was able to visit five different countries (can anyone guess which five) with my parents, the best brother anyone could wish for, and Max who joined us a week later (he’ll show up in my next vlog on Monday). I’m sure you all know this from all of my travel vlogs, but my travel luck isn’t the best. We started the trip with delays, missed connections, and when we landed in Zimbabwe we found out our bags had gotten stuck in Kenya. The best part was nobody had any idea when our bags with our clothes would arrive which made our first day a little stressful, but at least we had each other! Has anyone ever gone on a three week trip and had the airlines lose their bags?

I need you guys to tell me what you think of this video. I wanted to change up the vibe a little and I was inspired by a few travel vloggers and the way they tell stories. My main goal is for all of you to feel like you are here with me in each special moment that is shared on the channel, I want you to feel every emotion I feel like you are right there by my side. Since I started on Youtube whenever I travel alone, I don’t feel like I am alone, which has completely changed my life because I don’t feel lonely when I am alone anymore.

So back to Zimbabwe, we visited my childhood home, the hospital my parents both worked in, and we visited my childhood friends who we have supported through school. Another exciting part of our trip was building a well for water at our childhood nanny’s children’s home! Now Precious and her family won’t have to walk hours for drinking water, so if anyone wants to maybe join a volunteer trip next year to help out in the local communities in Zimbabwe we can try to organize something!

Zimbabwe is not an easy country to live in, but it is amazing to see how friendly, positive, and open the people are here. You’re always surrounded by nature, elephants roam freely, and as someone who lives in NYC the three week detox from city life was much needed! I haven’t felt so creatively refreshed in a long time and I can’t wait to get back to filming videos for the channel! Any guesses on who I just filmed recipe video with?

So guys next week I’m going to have a bonus video for you “What I Eat In A Day On Safari” which I had so much fun filming while we camped out in the middle of Hwange Nation Park! I hope everyone subscribes today and I can’t wait to read and respond to all of your comments! I finally have wifi so I can respond to all of your old comments on my last few videos that I shared while I was on this trip!

See you guys on Monday and let me know what you thought of the drone footage!



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