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Are You Smarter Than Me? - WAN Show April 21, 2023


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Podcast Download: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/rpQXSdmDgzb

Timestamps: (Courtesy of Andrew :))
0:01 Topics
1:00 Intro
1:25 Topic 1: Realistic Gameplay Footage
2:30 People don't believe its fake
3:52 Luke plays devil's advocate
6:02 Disproving the footage
12:02 Area scans are the future of gaming
17:42 The dangers of hyper-realism
21:03 LTT Wag Hoodie Launch
24:44 New LTT store items
26:54 Topic 2: Nintendo Modder Lawsuit
28:59 This is cruel and unusual punishment
32:04 Possible solutions
34:46 Does this reduce piracy?
39:51 This out of line with other White Collar Crimes
43:39 Merch Message 1
45:36 Advice for an Embedded C Programmer
48:07 Is AI depriving today's youth?
48:58 Post pupper pics on the Forum
50:09 Youtube/Twitch response to Merch Messages
51:01 What Kitchen tech do you recommend?
51:31 What's the most frustrating bud Luke has dealt with?
52:34 Topic 3: Game Devs Crack Down On Hardware Cheating
53:15 Cheating using Mouse and Keyboard (MnK) on Controller
55:25 Why this is hard to stop
58:12 How should we define cheating?
1:01:12 Topic 4: Seagate Fine
1:03:05 The double standard of fines
1:06:58 Topic 5: UrAvgConsumer LTT Backpack Review
1:10:58 Did we send him a backpack?
1:13:37 Topic 6: SpaceX Starship Successfully Explodes
1:16:13 This is what tests are for
1:17:22 Armchair scientists
1:19:29 Parked van was hit
1:22:45 Topic 7: Twitter Checkmarks
1:25:06 Free speech vs free reach
1:25:56 LTT's plan
1:26:50 Floatplane Update
1:33:14 MM: Should you disclose AI tools?
1:34:40 Sponsors ft Vessi, Zoho One, Squarespace
1:37:57 Merch Messages 2
1:38:15 How to handle your boss as your landlord
1:40:49 How to change topics respectfully
1:47:37 What are the largest costs for network streaming?
1:51:12 What cheap games are fun? (MageQuit)
1:54:34 Will we test water cooling loops?
1:57:38 Best techdad joke
1:57:54 Will you make a slim backpack?
1:59:33 What games would you remaster?
2:01:33 What creative things do you like to do?
2:03:40 Luke's handyman story
2:05:00 Linus' handyman experience
2:07:09 Linus' childhood home
2:09:34 Topic 8:(censored) charging for API
2:13:07 Topic 9: Amazon increasing Dialogue and Samsung might switch to Bing
2:17:06 Topic 10: Netflix ends DVD mail service
2:18:33 Parroting ;) (Word censored by Youtube)
2:22:38 Resurrecting old shows
2:24:09 Topic 11: Red Cross (this part was censored by youtube)
2:27:07 WAN Show: After Dark
2:29:11 Would you sponsor Athletes?
2:32:34 Would PrimoCache interview Direct Storage?
2:34:11 How does Floatplane handle technical debt?
2:35:53 Should you approach LTT employees?
2:39:11 Is there tech that surprises you?
2:41:39 How does WIFI motion sensing work?
2:42:38 Rocket launch van update
2:43:58 What are tips for making a product?
2:47:11 Self driving semi trucks
2:49:50 USB devices
2:51:10 Tech tip told to everyone
2:51:37 What cars might Luke drive in the future?
2:54:27 Top tech product/games
2:55:40 AMD challenge update
2:56:44 Balancing remote work
2:58:54 Linus' "I'M LINUS AND THIS IS MY COMPANY" moments
3:01:01 Linus Calls His Wife
3:03:00 Other Examples
3:07:21 Rapid Fire Merch Messages
3:07:22 AI taking care of children/elderly
3:08:26 Ludwig Bidet update
3:09:12 Tech TV
3:09:48 Computer Fittings
3:12:49 Plex Media server
3:13:14 Media Literacy
3:14:02 Surprising Tech
3:15:14 Pixel Fold
3:15:40 Luke's take on Amazon
3:16:36 Smart home update
3:17:37 LLT en Español
3:18:10 Tech that you are impressed with
3:18:50 Bird Stickers when?
3:19:47 How to make personable YouTube videos?
3:20:00 Magnets in garments
3:21:58 Brian the Electrician
3:22:20 Feedback for Working for LTT
3:23:25 LTT adult videos?
3:23:56 Life lessons from old tech
3:26:05 Why don't you talk about margins?
3:28:08 Linus overcoming ADHD
3:40:43 Rapid Rapid fire
3:34:38 Outro

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