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Hi Everyone :)
Welcome back!

I get asked often: "Where did you get all this stuff?" My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update here (and in my store) suggestions on where to get some of these toys, kinetic art pieces, and scientific curiosities for yourself.

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This video contains :

👉 Dancing Drops  by exploratorium: an exhibit employing the Coandă effect on water droplets -an air stream attaches and wraps around the drops temporarily trapping them. As the air changes direction to flow around a drop, momentum is imparted to it pushing the drop against gravity. Constrained mostly by surface tension, under these conditions the water drops also have irregular and changing shapes leading to erratic motions in the uneven airstream.

👉 Corner Cube Prism: a light ray entering a mirrored retro-reflecting prism always exits along a parallel path. The complete path in the prism can be seen with a 405nm UV laser beam which is made visible via fluorescence of dopant chemicals (such as Pb, Mn, and Zn) often added to create optical glass.

👉 Fresnel Minor Lamp: precision geometry and dichroic glass create an explosion of colors in this incredible creation by artist seanaugustinemarch. Microlayers of metals and metal oxides allow a slab of glass to transmit a different color than it reflects through thin-film optical phenomena such as interference and selective absorption.

👉 Scale Jupiter and Earth

👉 Scale Saturn with Ring System and Earth

👉 The Planets of Our Solar System to Scale: In this model: Earth (diameter = 0.80 cm) and Jupiter (diameter = 9.0 cm). Wonderful detail allowed by the 3D printing process reproduces the belting on the gas giants. The rings of Saturn are printed on transparency film. Made by artist/maker Jay Fisher using images from NASA.

👉 Kalliroscope with heating element stand: visualizing convection currents. This rheoscopic fluid is special in that the guanine crystals are the same density as the tetrachloroethylene liquid so the crystals never settle to the bottom allowing the fluid to show the slightest movement.

👉 Polaroid Glare Reduction: this retail display illustrates the amazing property of light waves and Polaroid sunglasses. In this Oakley display a white surface is aligned by design so that the light from the white surface is reflected off an image of a surfer such that the glare is so extreme the photo is obscured- however all the glare light can be almost entirely eliminated with a polarizing filter oriented correctly.

👉 Balafire Flicker Bulb: the flexible 15 Watt carbon filament in this bulb oscillates back and forth producing a resemblance to a flame. A magnet, visible as a black rectangle, pushes on the magnetic field produced by the current flow in the filament.

👉 Simple Polariscope: polarized light reveals the hidden rainbows due to internal stresses imposed on polymer materials such as these pieces of polystyrene flatware, a technique used to model stress distribution patterns in engineering.

👉 Newton's Yo-Yo: Newton's 3rd Law states that action force equals opposite reaction force- the the green and yellow spheres have equal mass, so the forces of the collision provide accelerations that are equal and opposite such that the spheres trade places.

👉 Logarithmic Spiral Gears: This set is based on the famous Fibonacci spiral and evokes the cross section of nautilus shell with internal chambers.

👉 Chaotic Pendulum Kinetic Art: the motion of the skateboarder is that of a pendulum influenced by magnets in the skateboard and the mirrored base- chaotic motion is the result.

👉 Iron Filings in Silicone Oil Suspension: visualizing the invisible- the magnetic field lines around a magnet.

👉 Magnetic Field Viewer

👉 Computational Caustic Projection: an image is formed by refraction through a free form lens in a new process that utilizes the physics behind how light is concentrated into caustics.

👉 Acasta Gneiss: This rock is only found in the Northwest Territories of Canada and was collected by Yellowknife resident Mark Brown.

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