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FINALLY😭💓Sutan wears a Kimono!|Christmas Miracle|Roast Beef Recipe


Was it Christmas Miracle?! Sutan suddenly announced herself that she wanted to wear a kimono! Mom had been waiting for this moment! And she was ready to put it on anytime soon lol Sutan in a kimono looks kind of mature, doesn't she? Mom was very happy to see her grow up.

↓Here's the trail we've been on so far trying to get her to wear a kimono.
Sutan's kimono selection - https://youtu.be/U_mN1opyUEo
SUTAN with Traditional Hair - https://youtu.be/VI3rHiYTtYs
Kimono or No-Kimono, Parents vs Kid - https://youtu.be/qpGZIxeGewc

↓Rent this cute kimono here.
Kimono Nakaya - https://instagram.com/kimono_nakaya

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