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Psychology of Investing (Why NEW Investors Always Lose Money?)


#Psychology of #Investing & #Money in #StockMarket Hindi
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Psychology of Money & Investing (Why NEW & Beginner Investors Always Lose Money?)
We often hear about stories of people making lot of money and getting rich by investing in stock market. If you had invested a small amount of money like 10 lakh in Pidilite Industries or Eicher Motors then you'd have crores by now. However, very few people get rich from stock market and rest of the people lost money but no one talks about them.
In this video, I talk about the psychology of money and investing and how you can avoid common mistakes from stock market that are stopping you to achieve financial freedom and create wealth from Indian stock market.

The common behavioral bias is the overconfidence bias. Most people think they are better investors than the average. However, only 50% of the investors can be better. Most people invest first time in stock market and earn small profit and think they're like Warren Buffett, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala or even better than them. However, there are 100s of behavioral basis that we need to understand because of which, people make common mistakes in stock market before we become expect in stock market.

The second common behavioral bias is the recency bias. Sensex has gone up by more than 25-30% in the last one year and as a result, beginner investors in the stock market think this is the normal returns to be expected from the stock market. This is incorrect expectations from share market.
As Morgan Housel has explained in the Psychology of Money book, most people have 0.000001% understanding of the world and they think they know 100% of it. This is the reason for common mistakes in stock market.

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