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Scammer Call Center MELTDOWN after seeing $1,000,000

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I relentlessly call this specific scammer call center until the scammers and their boss rage! You get to see/hear what the scammers are saying in Hindi to give you a closer look into how they operate.

#scammers #scambait

Make sure you check us stopping scammers all of these places!
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We expose entire scammer call center, Calling scammers by their real name, showing scammers in real life
Fake tech support (fake amazon, fake apple, fake microsoft, fake nortons)
Deleting a scammers files - File deletion syskey - computer scammers
Speaking Hindi, Urdu, India Scammers, Indian Scammers
Scambaiting (Scambait, Scambaiter) Criminal Scammer Operation
Collaboration with Jim Browning and Mark Rober

स्काम्मेर / सकम्मर / स्काम्मर
धोखाधड़ी करने वाले विक्रेता
دھوکہ باز
ठगी गर्ने
மோசடி செய்பவர்
धोखाधड़ी करने वाले विक्रेता

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