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Switzerland | 8K HDR 60p (Jungfrau)

Original content filmed and edited in real 8K resolution, color graded in true HDR!

By far one of the most beautiful country in the world. In this video, we present you the Jungfrau Region located in the famous Swiss Alps. Starting in the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley (which was the inspiration behind Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings), a total of 72 waterfalls gush down from the vertical cliff faces, some of which are as high as 400m. The surrounding villages like Murren and Wengen (accessible only by train or cable car) are equally wonderful. On the Top of Europe: A visit to the Jungfraujoch puts a jewel in the crown of any visit to Switzerland. Standing on the Jungfraujoch 3,454 metres above sea level, you can feel it with your first step: this is a different world. It's one you have to experience. We continued our filming session in the amazing Schynige Platte and from there to the famous Gridewald village and breathtaking Grindelwald First, ending our journey with a panoramic view from the Harder Kulm mountain.

This project will always remain special for me. My girlfriend and assistant at that time became my fiancée in the last day of shooting!(follow me on insta for more details: @i.turda)

For the best experience, we recommend to watch it on an HDR display!

Special thanks to our partners:
www.grindelwald.swiss (Grindelwald Tourism)
www.jungfrauregion.swiss (Jungfrau Region)
www.jungfrau.ch (Jungfrau Railways)
Thank you Tipuna Teiger Tschabold

NOTE: To view at 8K please use Chrome, Firefox or Opera. For the best experience, we recommend to watch it on an HDR display!

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RED Helium 8K
Edited and Mastered in HDR10 / Davinci Resolve Studio

► MUSIC by MusicBed.com

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