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🎤TaDaBoom English 👱‍♀️🐻 My Big Lovely Family 🐷🐼Karaoke collection for kids🎵🎤Masha and the Bear songs

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🎤 TaDaBoom English - All songs for kids from A to Z 🎬 http://bit.ly/3ae4jkA
Best song collections for kids 🌟 http://bit.ly/2uSJ7Ap

👱‍♀️🐻 My Big Lovely Family 🐷🐼 Masha and the Bear karaoke in this collection:

🐼 00:00 Song of Funny, Sunny Life - Who am I? (Episode 78) https://youtu.be/UdX0F_eKfFQ
🐼 06:18 Happy Birthday - Once In A Year (Episode 44) https://youtu.be/ozx4Orjvu0I
🐼 10:18 Christmas Song - One, Two, Three! Light The Christmas Tree! (Episode 3) https://youtu.be/kEvA23H0k9U
🐼 11:48 Mashketeers's Song ⚔️ (Episode 64) "The Three Mashketeers" https://youtu.be/ZWuCaVeN4Ac
🐼 15:54 Song of Jams - Jam Day (Episode 6) https://youtu.be/1BmcE6OFRyE

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🎵 Masha and the Bear present their music channel 🔔 @TaDaBoom English

Here you will find songs for kids and for the whole family, best music clips from the cartoon Masha and the Bear, kids karaoke, lullabies, baby sleep music, nursery rhymes for children and educational videos for toddlers. TaDaBoom English will help you enjoy studying, dancing, singing and even learning how to count! Subscribe to watch the best videos for kids on TaDaBoom English!

Enjoy the whole playlist of songs 😊 http://bit.ly/Masha-and-the-Bear-TOP-Songs
Masha and the Bear songs in iTunes: https://itun.es/ru/QZOCgb
Karaoke! 🎤 Karaoke songs for kids: https://youtu.be/nAujXtVOyTo
Subscribe now 🎬 http://bit.ly/34usaIG

With kindness and comedy at heart, the show follows the adventures of a little girl named Masha and her friend, The Bear. Their relationship is a metaphor of how a child interacts with the big world and how an adult can aid with this difficult task. Masha is a restless little girl who can hardly stand still due to her endless energy - everything she comes in contact with must be tried on! She's friendly beyond description and treats everyone as if she's known them for ages. Her curiosity and creativeness lead to fun adventures. The cartoon became a hit for families all around the globe due to its smart ability to entertain and educate both children and their parents. Masha and the Bear educates children about real friendship, care and freedom of creativity in a funny and smart manner.

Follow Masha on Instagram: http://instagram.com/mashaandthebear/
http://www.mashabear.ru – Masha and the Bear official website
Masha and the Bear VK - http://vk.com/mashaimedvedtv
Masha And The Bear Facebook - http://facebook.com/MashaAndTheBear
TikTok https://vm.tiktok.com/ZS4XA4k1/
Favourite songs and music videos from cartoon Masha and the Bear on the official music channel Tadaboom English.

Watch, enjoy and share with your friends! 👫

🎶 All Masha and the Bear music channels:
TaDaBoom English http://bit.ly/Masha-and-the-Bear-Music-Channel
TaDaBoom песенки для детей http://bit.ly/Masha-i-Medved-Muzikalniy-kanal
TaDaBoom Україна http://bit.ly/Tadaboom-Ukraina
TaDaBoom Italia http://bit.ly/Masha-e-Orso-Musica
TaDaBoom Español http://bit.ly/Masha-y-el-Oso-Música
TaDaBoom Português http://bit.ly/Masha-e-o-Urso-Musica
TaDaBoom Deutsch http://bit.ly/TaDaBoom-Deutsch
TaDaBoom Français http://bit.ly/TaDaBoom_Francais
Favourite songs, music videos and nursery rhymes for kids from Masha and the Bear cartoon. TaDaBoom English is the official music channel for Masha and The Bear

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