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Tehran 2022 - Walk in the amazing Tajrish Bazaar of IRAN[4K]

64 Views· 08/18/22
Mina's Travel Vlog
Mina's Travel Vlog
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Today, following the 2022 Tehran tourism tour, we have come to the traditional Tajrish market in the north of Tehran. With the beginning of the summer season, the shopping fever has risen among the people. Tajrish Bazaar is one of the sights of Tehran, which has a great variety in terms of goods and handicrafts, and at the same time, various prices can be seen in it. This bazaar is located in the heart of the historic neighborhood of Tajrish and near Imamzadeh Saleh. Tajrish Indoor Bazaar is one of the most famous old bazaars in Tehran, which is even enjoyable to walk in, and many domestic and foreign tourists plan to visit this bazaar. So that for many of them, this place is one of the most memorable places in Tehran. This market is located in the north of Tehran and in Shemiranat region. Tajrish market is estimated to be 70 years old. But its old traders say the market is more than 150 years old. But structures such as the famous 220-year-old Leaning of the Tajrish Bazaar show that it is much older than what is said.
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