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Touring A Playful Co-Living Space With A Brutalist Exterior

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This week Reuben and @AikenChiaMing tour the Lyf One-North, a colourful and vibrant co-living development in One-North. It’s conceptualised as a community space for the neighbourhood, with 324 housing units that is housed within 2 seven-storey blocks. Its brutalist inspired exterior uses a palette of precast concrete, and there is different variations in textures, plus the colourful murals, red origami-like walkways and roof canopies that showcase the playful aspects of the development.

What's really cool is the central public space that is an amphitheatre for guests and visitors alike to sit and enjoy the space within the greenery. It's also well shaded by the blocks above, and the lighting elements form a really eye-catching effect at night.

For a co-living space, Lyf One-North is packed full of amenities for residents. There is a swimming pool, green communal terraces at different levels, open rooftop lawn area, and indoor areas like a social kitchen. There is also lots of bicycle parking, and high traffic spaces have automated doors with contactless sensors that are ready for today's post Covid environment.

As a statement of sustainable living, the development features energy-efficient and water-saving equipment, as well as integrated building management systems to automate building maintenance tracking and electrical and water resource monitoring. Not surprisingly, it has been awarded Singapore’s BCA Green Mark Gold Plus for sustainable design and BCA Universal Design Mark Gold award.

Special thanks to River and Kian Liew for explaining and showing us around the space. For more, please visit: https://www.discoverasr.com/en..../lyf/singapore/lyf-o

00:00 - Stacked Store
00:21 - Intro
00:53 - River Law (Architectural Designer)
01:22 - Walkway
01:51 - Facade
02:18 - Public Space
04:49 - Kian (Interior Designer)
06:33 - Bicycle track and storage
07:18 - Laundromat
08:54 - Social Kitchen
09:41 - Hallway
10:20 - Studio
10:50 - Roof Terrace
11:55 - Concluding Thoughts
12:52 - Outro

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