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Unusual Garages that Will Amaze You

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It is the dream of every car owner to have an amazing garage. We have put together for the most unusual garages that will amaze you. These cool garages are packed with inventions you must have and you can also get some cool garage ideas. Normally a garage is just a part of the house, but some people took it another level and created a garage house. That means the entire house becomes a garage and the actual floor plan is built around the garage. Did you know that luxury garages a not just on the ground level? Some Builninaires are living in a luxury skyscraper with a built-in car elevator. That way you can take your car up to your apartment and park it in the living room. Today's garages are not just the usual storage room they used to be but rather a work of art. It's a man's dream to own a garage which can be used as a man cave to be amazed.

How does your dream garage look like? Tell us in the comments below!

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