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Ted Wedewer
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⁣Mortgage Pre-Approval Service

5280Lend.com is a trusted mortgage bank serving clients in Colorado and the Denver Metro area with mortgage pre-approval. We work with homebuyers seeking financing for their home purchase.

We walk you through each step of the lending process, from pre-approval to closing. Our personalized service helps you understand the lending process, interest rates, closing costs, and down payment options.

333 W Hampden Ave Suite 755, Englewood, CO 80110
Contact us: (303) 220-0355

🌐 https://5280lend.com/mortgage-....pre-approval-denver-
🌐 https://5280lendcom.business.site/

Ted Wedewer
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⁣5280Lend.com is here to simplify the mortgage process. We walk you through the details, including interest rates, down payments, monthly payments, closing costs, and more. We offer the most knowledgeable and reliable real estate financing. Our clients receive the best information regarding their home lending solutions.

Denver’s Mortgage Guide:

✅Mortgage Loans

-Conventional Loan
-Jumbo Loan
-FHA Loan
-VA Loan
-First-Time Home Buyer Loan
-Debt Consolidation Loan
-Investment Property Loan
-USDA Loan

✅Mortgage Pre-Approval
✅Mortgage Refinancing

-Traditional Refinancing
-Cash-Out Refinancing

Contact us: (303) 220-0355
🌐 https://5280lend.com/
🌐 https://5280lendcom.business.site/

Ted Wedewer
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⁣What Is a Cash-Out Refinance?

A cash-out refinance is when you take out a new loan that allows you to borrow more than what you currently owe on the property. A loan that is larger than your current loan, gives you the difference as “cash-out” to you to do various things with that money.

Some examples include:

✅Consolidating debt.
✅Financing home improvements.
✅Investing in other real estate.
✅Investing in business opportunities.

Why Work with a Mortgage Bank for a Cash-Out Refinance?

Working with a mortgage banker gives you a trusted partner as you consider refinancing. At 5280Lend.com, we understand refinancing and what’s required to move forward. We work with homeowners in Colorado to locate and secure the best lending solutions.

Services provided include:
✅Debt Consolidation Loan
✅Investment Property Loan
✅Jumbo Loan
✅FHA Loan
✅VA Loan

Contact us: (303) 220-0355
🌐 https://5280lend.com/cash-out-....refinance-denver-col
🌐 https://5280lendcom.business.site/

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