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The Mediterranean is home to some of the world's most incredible destinations. Enjoy this 4K travel guide across the Mediterraneans most beautiful places. From the island of Sardinia, to the magical Amalfi Coast, the Mediterranean is a destination that will make you feel alive!

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0:00 - Intro
0:29 - Sardinia
1:52 - Amalfi Coast
3:11 - Capri
3:55 - Ponza
5:13 - Croatia
5:54 - Zakynthos
6:39 - Santorini
7:17 - Turkey
8:09 - French Riviera
8:56 - Balearic Islands
10:37 - Outro

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►► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are - 45

01. intro (Sekumpul waterfalls) 0:00
02. intro (Handara Golf & Resort) 0:05
03. intro (Green field) 0:08
04. intro (Nunggalan beach) 0:12
05. intro (Pura Ulun Danu Bratan) 0:15
06. intro (Rice field) 0:19
07. Couple tripping by motorcycle on tropical road 0:22
08. Beautiful waterfall in green tropical forest 0:31
09. Handara Golf & Resort Bali 0:42
10. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in Bali 0:58
11. A big rice field, Subak in Bali 1:08
12. Various waterfalls flowing from a cliff 1:23
13. Ubud Palace in Bali, Indonesia 1:31
14. Statues of an elephants in a park 1:38
15. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Indonesia 1:44
16. Sekumpul waterfalls in Bali 1:55
17. Beautiful Green rice field 2:04
18. Ubud Palace in Bali, Indonesia 2:13
19. Different waterfalls flowing from a cliff 2:24
20. Beautiful Sea beach in Bali 2:34
21. Sea water entering a hole in the ground from trench 2:38
22. Sunset time with sea beach 2:46
23. Kelingking sea beach with clean water from cliffs 3:00
24. Rice farmer in Ubud, Bali 3:09
25. Handara golf & resort's gate in Bali 3:16
26. A Tiger Slow-Mo View in Bali Zoo 3:22
27. Aerial view of Kelingking beach 3:26
28. Spiral road in green forest in Indonesia 3:31
29. Beautiful Rice terraces in Bali 3:39
30. Close-up View of a deer in Bali Zoo 3:46
31. Nunggalan beach coastline in uluwatu bali indonesia 3:52
32. Statues of a temple in Bali 3:57
33. Jatiluwih rice field at sunset in asia bali indonesia 4:05
34. Munduk waterfall in north bali 4:12
35. Tropical waterfall is hidden in lush jungle 4:23
36. Beautiful Green rice field in mountains 4:33
37. Aerial view of Bali beach and blue water 4:39
38. Ocean waves rolling to the sandy atuh beach 4:49
39. Close-up view of nungnung waterfall 4:59
40. Waterfall and forest in bali, indonesia 5:05
41. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan in Bali, Indonesia 5:12
42. Aesthetic waterfall in Bali 5:20
43. Visitors at Ubud Palace, Bali 5:29
44. A wonderful girls looking at the camera 5:34
45. End Title 5:40

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Come with me on an epic journey through time and space, from Earth to the edge of the observable universe. In this experience, you will fly faster than the speed of light out of the solar system, out of the Milky Way galaxy and into intergalactic space, the region in between the galaxies. Here you will observe the cosmic web, the building blocks of the cosmos. If you enjoyed this universe flythrough then remember to tap the like button and subscribe!

Music attribution -
Intro - Mysterious by Audiolibrary (Purchased License)
Mid - Jennifer Athena Galatis
End - Interstellar by cleanmindsounds (Purchased License)

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Top 10 attractions in Sydney | Ultimate travel guide 2022 Sydney Australia

Based on our travel to Sydney, I have compiled these top 10 attractions in Sydney to help travellers plan their trip. I have included links to detailed videos below:

Sea life aquarium:

Taronga Zoo:

Opera House Tour:

Sydney Tower Eye:

Queen Victoria Building / QVB :

Sydney Fireworks New Year 2022 9 PM:

Sydney Fireworks midnight main event:

Thanks for watching

#travelaustralia #sydney #australia #traveldiaries #travelguide #travel2022 #thingstodoinsydney #thingstodoinsydney2022 #topattractionssydney

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France is easily one of the most incredible countries in the world! Enjoy this 4K travel guide across France's most beautiful places. From the towering French Alps, to the mediterranean coast of the French Riviera, France truly has it all. Where is your favorite place to visit in France?

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A magnificent weeks' journey through this breathtaking north African country, Morocco.
Our journey started in the blue city, Chefchaouen then to the bustling medina of Fez. After Fez, we spent a night in the Sahara Desert after a camel-back ride during sunset and ending our journey in the busy streets of Marrakech.

Wished we spent more time in Morocco but we thoroughly enjoyed our stay while it lasted, especially the wonderful people, riads and scenery.

Here I compiled a short video summarizing our journey. Enjoy watching, and set the video quality to 4K/2160p for your viewing pleasure.
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Song: SappheirosOfficial

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My expectations were somewhat... medium-low? before coming here and they were absolutely blown away upon arrival. How is it only just dawning on me now that you get to walk around and enjoy the leaves and beautiful park but you're also just chilling among WILD ANIMALS?! Absolutely insane idea for a park and I'm so glad it exists. This is not an overrated travel destination in Japan at all :) It might be underrated? I dunno lol

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ICELAND - A trip of a lifetime.
We spent 10 days on a road trip across this beautiful and unique country, sleeping in a rooftop tent, exploring the land of ice and fire and just having fun and enjoying our time on this trip, a trip that turned out to be our favourite ever, I hope you can see why in this video.
Incredible landscapes, glaciers, powerful and endless waterfalls, I really can't wait to just get back and explore more.

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Sony A7IV:
DJI Mavic 3:

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ICELAND - Sony A7IV & DJI Mavic 3 | Cinematic Travel Video
0:00 Cinematic Video
05:42 BTS
06:25 Color Grading

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The Pacific Northwest is one of the most stunning regions in America. Enjoy this 4K Travel Guide across the Pacific Northwest's most scenic places. From the Oregon Coast, to Glacier National Park, the Pacific Northwest has so many hidden treasures waiting to be explored. Where is your favorite place in the PNW?

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Top 10 Places in Utah -

Top 10 Places In Poland -

Top 20 Places In Greece -

Top 10 Places In France -

Top 10 Places in Germany -

Top 10 Places In Italy -

Top 100 Places In Europe -

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0:00 - Intro
0:33 - Oregon
0:48 - Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor
1:23 - Meyer Beach
2:06 - Cannon Beach
2:42 - Bend, Oregon
3:13 - Tamolitch Blue Pool
4:11 - Glacier National Park
5:05 - Flathead Lake
5:31 - Sawtooth Mountain Range, Idaho
6:17 - British Columbia
6:46 - Washinton & Gig Harbor
7:14 - Seattle
8:04 - Outro

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Our 4k tour of Idaho, a land of mountains, wilderness, and outdoor recreation.    For Stock Footage of this video or any of our videos contact

Idaho is a colorful state, from the  gorgeous oaks along the Salmon River to the distinctive blue football field of Boise State.  We  start in Idaho Falls, and travel west along the Rugged Snake River to Twin Falls and  the amazing Shoshone Falls & Perrine Bridge,  near where Evil Kanevil attempted his jump over the Canyon. We then travel to the State Capitol where the Boise River runs along the Boise State Campus.    

Heading north from Boise to the mountains along the Payette River popular for tubing & Rafting. , then a the scenic drive of Rt 97 along the waterfront ending at beautiful Cour d'Alene.   So Journey with us enjoying Gods creation as we explore Colorful &Rugged, Idaho. For more info see

So as you plan your Spring, Summer, & Fall Getaways, heres a suggestion  Idaho.  So many people especially in the east do no realize how beautiful this state is.  We drove from Bozeman Mt to Idaho Falls mostly at night, this is a mistake, because it is an incredibly beautiful drive.  We start with the Snake River in Idaho Falls in what is known as the Greenbelt, a system of trails with parks and waterfall in Idaho Falls  The spring is peak season to seee the falls at their best. Also.  Check out also the Idaho Falls Zoo has lions, sloths, penguins, a petting zoo and more.

The Snake River at 1,078 miles long starts in Western Wyoming running along southern Idaho, encompasses 6 US states, ends at the Columbia River in Washington.  It was over this river near twin falls in 1974 that legendary daredevil, Evil Kanievel attempted to jump in a Rocket propelled cycle.  His Craft technically made it across but the parachute deployed prematurely, blowing him back into the canyon short of the north rim.The Perrine Bridge Stretches 1500 feet across the Snake River.  It opened in 1976.  It is popular for base jumpers from around the world seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush.  One of the only structures in the US where you can base jump without a permit.  Now lets head to the High Country on route 55 a very scenic drive along the Payette River.  The Payette River popular for Tubing & Rafters, is  a 82 mile long river which originates at Salmon River Mountains at elevations of over 10,000 feet and feeds into the Snake River so provides so pretty decent rapids.McCall is a nice cozy resort town on  the southern shore of Payette Lake.  A great place to stay.  They have a super 8, that is one of the better super 8s I've been too, pet friendly, we did a review video here if you would like to check it.The most scenic way into Cordalane is to take Rt 3 to Rt 97 which runs along the east shore of Lake Cordalane the Lake scenery with a variety of tall Pines, & Spruces, is just unbeatable.You know you are officially in the North West when you see sea planes tied up on the docks.  Coeurdalane is known for its water sports and trails in the Canfield Mountains & Cordalen National forests.  See for more info, so much to do here.I hope you have enjoyed our journey through this beautiful state.  Coming up in the next few months, some great videos from the state of Florida.  We are Tampa Aerial Media, we shoot travel videos across the USA.  For stock footage or if you would like us to film your city, area, or venue contact us at info at Tampa Areial   Thankyou for Watching Colorful & Rugged Idaho.

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As the largest and most important cultural center in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai offers visitors lots of opportunities to see and do unusual things. Visit Chiang Mai for its majestic temples, bustling markets and bazaars, and breathtaking national beauty. Getting around the city is easy by walking, biking, or using public transportation. Explore either by yourself or with the help of an expert tour guide, especially if you’re concerned about getting lost in translation. When you travel to Chiang Mai, you’ll find some of Thailand’s greatest cultural treasures, with a more laid-back atmosphere than Bangkok’s.

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This is a cinematic Norway Roadtrip travel video from our adventures across the country. On our 2019 Norwegian Roadtrip, we visited Stavanger, Kjerag, Lysebotn, Langfoss, Bergen, Nigardsbreen Glacier, Geiranger, Trollstigen, Alesund and Lofoten (in that order).

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Welcome to Wildlife Relaxation !
Germany is a Western European country with a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and North Sea beaches. One of Europe’s largest countries, Germany encompasses a wide variety of landscapes: the tall, sheer mountains of the south and the forested hills of the urbanized west; and the plains of the agricultural east.
In this video, I'm going to show you my favorite nature video about germany or germany in 4k videos, to play in lounge or lobbies that will help you relax and improve your mood. It's a 4k video with relaxing music and calming nature sounds. There are no talking in this video so you can enjoy the natural sound of the forest, the sound of a river, and some birds chirping.
Watch the 4k ultra high definition video in this video in somewhere at nail salon, public transport or restaurant. Relaxing music is playing in the background. Try out this 4k ultra high definition video let me know what you think in the comments below!
Hope you guys enjoy my music and video.
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Music provided by EMVN
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Track list:
0:0:0 | 1 . Nhạc Ru Ngủ Cho Người Mất Ngủ, Dễ ngủ, Giảm Stress
0:22:18 | 2 . Good Things Will Come - niaolin
0:25:47 | 3 . Beyond The Limit
0:29:11 | 4 . Keep Trying - niaolin
0:32:12 | 5 . Idyll - niaolin
0:35:44 | 6 . Mist
0:39:5 | 7 . Quiet Summer - niaolin
0:42:12 | 8 . Kidnap My Heart - niaolin
0:45:7 | 9 . Fly Me To The Sky - niaolin
0:48:40 | 10. Waiting For - niaolin
0:52:42 | 11. Forgiveness - niaolin
0:56:16 | 12. Fly A Kite - niaolin
1:0:17 | 13. Touch The Sky
1:3:36 | 14. daydream - niaolin

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Bolivia in South America - Join me in a 4K Drone Video experience as I drive my Kawasaki KLR 650 motorcycle across the entire country for 2 months across the Uyuni salt flat during both the dry and wet season, the jungles up north near La Paz, Cochabamba, all the way south to the Altiplano.

This video is filmed entirely on a drone in 4K using my DJI mavic, and phantom as i crashed one and upgraded to another later on during the trip. All the drone footage was filmed by myself, while riding the motorcycle at the same time using one hand to fly the drone manually and the other to steer the motorcycle simultaneously. No I did not use any of the preset drone features or active tracking because the software and hardware simply can not keep up with the fast moving motorcycle or pan outs, zoom out and specific shots I wanted to capture on this journey. I was a one man film crew... in some shots, it took me 4 batteries to capture just those 4 seconds of perfect smooth footage you'll see... it was the most difficult drone video I've ever captured.

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Travel to India in this 4K virtual vacation by the Vagabrothers. We take you on a visual journey through Rajasthan, one of the most colorful corners on India.




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Whether you’re looking for travel vlogs, travel tips and inspiration or want to know how to travel like a professional, then Vagabrothers is the travel vlog you’ve been searching for. With our in-depth destination guides and travel vlog series you get the trip specific information you need to know before you go. If you want to know the top 10 things to do in cities around the world then we are the travel vloggers you’ve been looking for.

We’re Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers, we are brothers and vagabonds from San Diego, California but now live in Venice Beach in Los Angeles. We’ve traveled all over Europe by train, bicycle and road trips, we’ve backpacked through South America and South East Asia and explored the wilderness of Africa. From Machu Picchu Peru to Cape Town, Ireland, The Basque Country in Spain to South Korea and all the way back to Thailand or Helsinki, Finland - we’ve haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

We will help you find affordable destinations to visit right now, show you how to get cheap airfare and tickets, and share insider travel hacks that will make your trip as smooth as butter.

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Italy is easily one of the most incredible countries in the world! Enjoy this 4K travel guide across Italy. From the dreamy Amalfi Coast, to the jagged mountains of the Dolomites, Italy truly has it all! Where is your favorite place to visit in Italy?

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Top 10 Places To Visit in 2021 -

Top 10 Places In Norway -

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Top 100 Places in Europe -

Top 10 Places in Portugal -

Top 10 Places In The Alps -

Top 10 Places In The UK -

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Over the course of April, Vivienne and I went to capture the beauty of Japan. In collaboration with Zeiss, we shot a dedicated travel film exclusively with the Batis Lenses along with a series of educational videos on travel cinematography. Our journey and ambition took us to various parts of the country including: Tokyo, Kyoto, Yoshino, Nikko, & Takayama. Through our visit at each location, it was apparent to us Japan has a strong blend of Traditional, Modern, and Futuristic imagery as shown in our film. Our month long experience was truly unforgettable. We hope this film has inspired you to visit Japan and to shoot something epic the next time you travel!

E01 - Essential Travel Camera Gear:
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E04 - GIMBAL Starter Guide

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4 years ago, I started my solo-journey to capture the most beautiful and remote landscapes on earth starting from the Alps then Brazil and Mongolia. The first time I heard the music used 2 years ago, I was instantly touched and inspired, but I realized how challenging it is to deliver the emotions it gives through my aerial footage of spectacular unseen landscapes and the human scale. It took me finally 4 years to feel satisfied and ready to use this music and share my personal story with it, which makes it the biggest project i've ever made alone, and even during my studies in the university. This was the hardest challenge i've made in my life, since i decided to cover

I can't describe the amount of effort that went in all these years, sometimes I was risking life, but I never gave up and kept pushing forward. I always knew in my imagination how exactly going to be edited and which landscapes will fit with it, which motivated me even more waiting for this moment to share it with you! I'm speechless, I'll let the video talk instead, enjoy!

I'm not sponsored or supported financially by anyone. I'm trying to make my passion as full job by traveling and showing you the beauty of this world with inspirational films.
You can help me take a step further into making new films in new countries around the world by donating, only if you feel the desire and ability to do so, don't feel your forced to do it:

Instagram: bashir_abushakra
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Music by: Hidden Citizens - The Blue Danube
You can buy their music:

***This is a copyrighted footage, any usage of this footage without my permission will be removed and will lead to a strike!!

#alps #earth #4k

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The Faroe Islands, at first glance, represent a barely noticeable point on the geographical map, but in fact it is an archipelago of 18 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. Few people know about their existence, and yet, this is one of the places worth visiting at least once in your life. We tell you what is so remarkable about the Faroe Islands:
Geography and Government
The Faroe Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, between Scotland, Iceland and Norway. Officially, they are part of Denmark, but since 1948 they have been an autonomous region and have limited sovereignty: they independently solve issues related to ecology, industry and the labor market.
All the islands of the archipelago were formed as a result of basalt eruptions on the seabed and are the tops of an underwater rift ridge. That is why the shores of the islands are steep, with steep cliffs and a large number of fjords abruptly ending to the ocean. Noisy waterfalls, fields covered with moss, and mountains that resist the winds – this is how the Faroe Islands appear before the eyes of a traveler.
The Faroe Islands are a large "transshipment camp" on the migration route of many seabirds. But there are enough local feathered inhabitants – puffins, loons and waders-forty. Some islands have multimillion colonies of birds nesting on mountain cliffs.
Reptiles and amphibians are not to be found here, even mammals were brought here by man. The name of the archipelago, Føroyar, translates as "sheep islands" - there are about one and a half times more sheep than people.

The vast majority of the inhabitants of the islands speak a unique Faroese language – it has the official status of the main language, is the main language of teaching in educational institutions, books and newspapers are published in it, radio and television work. Faroese is one of the least widely spoken languages in Europe, but it is not at all threatened with extinction – from generation to generation, from father to son, the language passes almost unchanged.
The capital of the Faroe Islands, the city of Torshavn, named after Thor, the god of thunder and storm in Scandinavian mythology, is located on the island of Streymoy. Among the attractions are cathedrals and churches, the harbor, the historical center of the city, where the buildings of the XIV century have been preserved, the national gallery and the museum.
Also in Torshavn is the Faroese University, established in 1952.
Here you can get a bachelor's or master's degree in three faculties: Faroese Language and Literature, Science and Technology or History and Social Sciences.

One of the controversial local traditions is the annual summer hunt for grinds, or black dolphins. Whalers surround the animals with boats and drive them into the bay. Animal advocates have a negative attitude to fishing, and locals consider it an important part of culture and history.
Viking Heritage
In the middle of the VII century, the first settlers appeared on the Faroe Islands – Irish monks. At the beginning of the IX century, Viking high-speed dragonboats reached the archipelago. The Vikings created the first parliament here and made the islands a trade link between Iceland, Greenland and North America. All the locals have Scandinavian roots, and the Faroese language is a modification of Old Norse.
The Faroe Islands are too far from the mainland, so they have to produce electricity on their own. There is a huge wind park in the vicinity of Torshavn, and by 2030 the island authorities plan to completely switch to environmentally friendly energy sources.
The Faroe Islands have their own independent Church, which professes Lutheranism. Since the Middle Ages, a large number of temples and cathedrals have been preserved on the islands, which are of interest from the point of view of history and architecture.

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Walk the sands of ancient Egypt in 4k Video UHD. Enjoy this travel video cinematic 4k video and sail the Nile in 4K, visit Abu Simbel, walk the Valley of the Kings, take in the Giza Pyramids and discover Luxor in 4K ultra hd.

egypt 4k video uhd | nile 4k | giza 4k | egypt 4k video ultra hd | travel video cinematic 4k


Interesting sources on Egypt!!!

The History of Egypt:

Egyptian Mythology - A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt:

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt:


Panasonic 4K Camera:
DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo:
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Mavic 2 Pro:
PolarPro Filters:
Mavic Air Filters:
Mavic Battery:
Accessories Bundle Kit:
Low-noise propellers:


Cheap commercial flights:
Inexpensive, 5-star hotels:
Affordable Private Flights:


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