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This week we are touring an incredible seven-story $95 Million estate in the heart of Paris with an underground pool and a spa that will rival five-star hotels. Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazer , @AyersWorld !

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Property Address: Paris, France
Specs: 5 Bedrooms, 5 Full - 4 Half Baths
13,314 sq ft / (1,237 sqm)
Listing Price: $95,000,000 USD (80,000,000 EUR)
Property link: https://www.kretz.fr/en/annonc....e/2762q/hotel-partic
Listed by: Valentin Kretz

Valentin Kretz's website: https://www.kretz.fr/
Valentin Kretz's Instagram: @valentinkretz
Valentin's show on Netflix - Parisian Agency: https://www.netflix.com/title/81417684

Designed and Developed by:
Cogemad website: https://www.cogemad.com/
Instagram: @cogemad

Listing Description: "TRESOR CACHE is a 1237 sqm newly built behind a restored historical facade situated in a gated square within a quiet, secure and prestigious neighborhood, in the 16th district of Paris, just one mile from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Behind the building's historic façade lies a comfortable and prestigious interior with the very best of the latest modern features. The house boasts a master suite, several guest suites and reception halls, a custom-made artisanal kitchen, 3 entire floors for recreational activities, a 16-meter indoor swimming pool – the only one of its kind in Paris - a movie theater with 4K projector and Dolby Atmos sound system, and best of all, a private night club, and a large wine cellar. Trésor Caché offers all the qualities of a luxury home in the heart of the busting City of Lights."

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Created by Enes Yilmazer (DRE 02077182) - @EnesYilmazer
Filmed by @DalDavis
Edited by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312, @Bryanagapito

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Time Codes:
00:00 - Intro & Exterior
02:23 - Entry & Formal Living Room
04:13 - Music Room & Office
06:54 - Kitchen & Dining Room
10:35 - Seating Areas and Bar
14:34 - Indoor Pool, Gym & Spa
17:39 - Nightclub & Movie Theater
20:45 - Top Floor Guest Suites & Seating Area
22:18 - Guest Suite & Primary Bedroom
27:14 - Outro

Daniel Chyi
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曲: 周杰倫

詞: 黃俊郎/謝迪
導演: 周杰倫
#周杰倫 #jaychou #paris #最偉大的作品

哥穿著復古西裝 拿著手杖 彈著魔法樂章
漫步走在 莎瑪麗丹 被歲月 翻新的時光
望不到邊界的帝國 用音符築成的王座
我用琴鍵穿梭 1920錯過的不朽

啊 偏執是那馬格利特 被我變出的蘋果
超現實的是我 還是他原本想畫的小丑
不是煙斗的煙斗 臉上的鴿子沒有飛走
請你記得 他是個畫家 不是 什麼調酒

達利翹鬍是誰給他的思索 彎了湯匙借你靈感不用還我
融化的是牆上時鐘還是乳酪 龍蝦電話那頭你都不回我

寂寞的枝頭才能長出 常玉要的花朵

小船靜靜往返 馬諦斯的海岸
星空下的夜晚 交給梵谷點燃
夢美的太短暫 孟克橋上吶喊
這世上的熱鬧 出自孤單

花園流淌的陽光 空氣搖晃著花香
我請莫內幫個忙 能不能來張自畫像
大師眺望著遠方 研究色彩的形狀

世代的狂 音樂的王 萬物臣服在我樂章
路還在闖 我還在創 指尖的旋律在渴望
世代的狂 音樂的王 我想我不需要畫框
它框不住 琴鍵的速度 我的音符 全部是未來藝術

日出在印象的港口來回 光線喚醒了睡著的花葉
草地正為一場小雨歡悅 我們彼此深愛這個世界
停在康橋上的那隻蝴蝶 飛往午夜河畔的翡冷翠
遺憾被偶然藏在了詩頁 是微笑都透不進的世界

巴黎的鱗爪 感傷的文法 要用音樂翻閱
晚風的燈下 旅人的花茶 我換成了咖啡
之後他就 愛上了苦澀這個複雜詞彙
因為這才是揮手 向雲彩道別的滋味

小船靜靜往返 馬諦斯的海岸
星空下的夜晚 交給梵谷點燃
夢美的太短暫 孟克橋上吶喊
這世上的熱鬧 出自孤單

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