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159 Views· 17 June 2024

My New Truck? 2023 Ford F350 Turbo Diesel Review for NEW Overland Truck Camper Build



I'm building a NEW overland truck camper to live in full time, is this the perfect truck for the build or not? I've been living and camping in a truck camper or van the past few years and after testing many of the best rigs on the market, I think I finally found the perfect truck camper for me.

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Overlanding and off roading in a 4x4 Ford F250 the past few years has been amazing. Sometimes simple is best and a great place to start. Exploring deserts, forests, hot springs, waterfalls, beaches and more has been life changing in my pop up truck camper but I'm starting to think it's time for a change. I've been testing out some of the best builds out there the past few years, trying to find the right camping setup for me and I think I may have found the perfect one.

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