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60 Views· 07 February 2024

20 Tons a Day! Radish Harvest, Preserved Dried Radish Mass Production Process / 菜脯量產工廠 -Food Factory



Processing 20 tons of radish a day!

From October to March each year is the radish harvesting season,
during which many radishes are processed into preserved dried radishes.
Preserved dried radishes are a popular seasoning in Taiwan.
In this video, we will demonstrate how to turn preserved dried radishes into two Taiwanese distinctive dishes!

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✨Product in This Video✨
Five Spiced Dried Radish / 五香雞胗脯
$1.64 USD / 50 NTD (300g)

Chopped Preserved Radish / 元氣元味碎菜脯
$14.74 USD / 450 NTD (12kg)

**Location information**
元泉益食品工廠 (菜脯工廠)

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