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The $1.4 Million '51 Ford Coupe by Wicked Fabrication | For Bruce Leven

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This might be the most perfect custom car I've ever seen or driven. Craig Wick of Wicked Fabrication and his team transformed a 1951 Ford Coupe into a perfect work of art for owner Bruce Leven. I saw this car at SEMA 2016 and kept going back to look at it over and over. The attention to detail is second to none. I put this in my Top 3 all time favorite custom list. They won the Gran Tursimo best overall which means if you play Gran Turismo then soon enough you'll get a chance to drive it in the game. Luckily for me, I got to drive it for real! I can't thank Craig and Roger enough for giving me the opportunity to share this car with you guys.
Jay Leno's Garage featured it a few months ago on his YouTube channel and visibly loved the car. Hard not to with the amount of time, energy, creativity and money along with endless amounts of passion, blood, sweat and in the end tears. Unfortunately, the owner Bruce Leven passed away before he got to drive it although he did get the opportunity to see it win awards and put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces.
This episode is dedicated to Bruce Leven and his family. RIP Bruce.

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