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43 Views· 11 June 2024

15x Icon Moments PICKS Chose My Champs Squad


Matthew Brandon
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"Welcome to '15x Icon Moments PICKS Chose My Champs Squad in FIFA 21!' In this electrifying series, we add a thrilling twist to our journey through FIFA 21's Weekend League. We'll rely on the luck of the draw with 15 Icon Moments picks to build our ultimate Champs squad. Can these legendary players lead us to victory and glory? Join me as we draft, build, and compete with some of the greatest icons in football history!

Series Overview:
In this series, we let 15 Icon Moments picks determine the composition of our Weekend League squad in FIFA 21. We'll explore the strengths and unique abilities of these iconic players, strategically build our team, and compete in the intense matches of the Weekend League. Expect legendary gameplay, strategic decision-making, and plenty of high-stakes action.

Series Breakdown:

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