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30 Years of Business Knowledge in 2hrs 26mins


Daniel Chyi
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If you watch this video you'll get 30 years of business knowledge in 2hrs 26mins.

That's right, my entire career of business knowledge and entrepreneurship condensed into one video.

You'll learn the complete A-Z guide of how to start a business in 2024. This will help you take action on your business ideas and find business success.

Support me on my mission to help people pursue their dreams by pre-ordering my book:

0:00 Intro
2:57 How To Start A Business With No Money
11:25 How To Win
17:34 How To Lose
20:44 How To Do A Mind Map (Business Plan)
28:15 How To Find Purpose
34:34 How To Find A Co-founder
40:27 How To Sell
48:55 How To Market Your Business
1:01:08 How To PR Your Business
1:07:28 How To Get An Investor
1:23:23 How To Get Sponsors
1:32:45 How To Build A Brand
1:42:46 How To Hire, Grow And Build
1:52:31 How To Fire Someone
1:58:27 How To Go Global
2:02:02 How To Get A Mentor
2:08:37 How Equity Works
2:19:53 How To Sell Your Business

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