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333 Views· 15 February 2024

Side effects of Radiation | Deterministic vs. Stochastic effects


This video contains a simplified, visual explanation of the short-term and long-term side effects of radiation and the differences between deterministic and stochastic effects.

- Deterministic effects are threshold effects, that are related directly to the absorbed radiation dose and the severity of the effect increases as the dose increases. Examples of deterministic effects include skin burns, loss of hair, and in extreme cases, death. Most deterministic effects occur shortly after exposure and are predictable and reproducible.
- Stochastic effects (cancers) occur by chance, generally occurring without a threshold level of dose. The probability of occurrence is proportional to the dose but the severity of the effect is independent of the dose received.

0:00 Introduction
0:48 How Radiation Harms Cells
0:59 Option 1: DNA is repaired properly
1:06 Option 2: Cell dies
1:27 Deterministic effects
2:34 Option 3: Mutation
2:48 Stochastic effects
4:01 Summary

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