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FREE water forever. LEGALLY!!!!


Daniel Chyi
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Some folks have asked in the comments what welder I am using. Here is a link to the little portable red welder you see in the pump house scene and the retaining wall scene. It has served me well for many projects due to its portability.
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I installed a 30k gallon metal tank in my backyard so that I can run my entire house on rainwater. Often called a rainwater catchment or rainwater collection system; this has allowed me to avoid using city water and to catch free water from the sky instead. Think of it as a pool-sized rain barrel crammed into my backyard.

If you would like to contact the installer I used (Jeff Sergent) in the central Texas region you can find his contact info at : https://suburbanbiology.com

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I also please consider becoming a youtube channel member if you are a super-fan of this type of work. My channel membership is currently under review but I will update this once it's live.
30,000 GALLON TANK- $16,000 USD
PVC pipes and fittings and gutter works - $4,000 USD (very rough estimate)
My time and labor- hard to quantify. The steel for the retaining wall was probably around $1,000 USD.
Tractor purchased used probably still retains 90% of it's value
Other tools and welders obviously cost money.
Sand and rocks- About $1,000 all said
Refurbished pump- $500
Backflow preventers and other fittings- $1,000

Labor to the contractor varies widely based on how much work you do yourself. These are very rough numbers and probably vary from region to region. The cost of drilling a well in my area would have been on par or slightly more than the above tank cost. The pumps and filters would have been required for either.

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