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Making a Cherry Desk - All Hand Tool Joinery


The Cherry Desk build from start to finish! From tree to finished product!

I wanted to build a desk for myself from the cherry wood that I dried last year in the solar kiln. I had in mind a skinny legs modern looking desk with a drawer aside. The small thickness of the lumber (1") kinda limited me in designs, but I was inspired by a desk made by Tim Rousseau in Fine Woodworking Magazine, where I adopted the same design of the legs and stretchers but inverted, with the high sloped legs in front, so this way the drawer will make an equilibrium.

For the drawer I came up with a compound miters on the front and the rails, left the front a bit wider and longer to compensate for eventual misalignments or future tabletop twists, instead of having them perfect flushed on the edges. Any small movement would have made a visible gap when closing the drawer.

The whole desk is made and connected with hand tool joinery: angled Tee Bridle joints, angled Wedged Mortise and Tenon, Sliding Dovetails, Lap Joints etc. And the frame assembly has no glue! All the pieces are relying on wedges and friction. Finished with danish oil.

■ Plans available too on my store here https://www.adrianpreda.com/shop

■ Some tools used in the video:

• Veritas Low Angle Smoothing Plane - https://bit.ly/2HbDAYC (Dictum)
• Suizan Dozuki 7" Saw - https://amzn.to/2C6vY82 (Amazon)
• Shinwa Mini Try Squares 45mm & 60mm - http://amzn.to/2zkFeSc (Amazon), https://bit.ly/39sQFJm (Dictum)
• Shinwa Sliding Bevel - https://amzn.to/2vtiYIE (Amazon)
• Pfeil Marking Knife - https://bit.ly/39jGrLc (Dictum)
• Kebiki Marking Gauge - http://geni.us/hNXdKq (Amazon)
• Bonsai Brush - https://bit.ly/39tkvNC (Dictum)

•• List of all my tools: https://www.adrianpreda.com/blog/tools

■ Plans and Products I make on my store here https://www.adrianpreda.com/shop

■ Follow my INSTAGRAM for insights and other projects:

Follow my INSTAGRAM for insights and other projects:

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