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Innovators & Inventors Lecture Series: An Innovator Abroad with Rick Steves


Vesterheim is pairing the Innovators & Inventors exhibit with a free lecture series that will bring together some of the most creative and inspiring Norwegian-American leaders, thinkers, and artists working today.

We’re excited to welcome Rick Steves to join us in conversation! Rick Steves is a popular public television host and a best-selling guidebook author. He is the founder and owner of Rick Steves’ Europe, a travel business with a tour program that brings more than 30,000 people to Europe annually. Rick is also an outspoken activist who encourages Americans to broaden their perspectives through travel. He will talk about travel for the purpose of challenging cultural assumptions, travel to Norway, and his background as a Norwegian American.

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Presentation
3:12 In Short: A Love of Country
4:47 Presentation
5:39 In Short: Exploring Your Roots
7:18 Presentation
50:15 Q&A
55:33 In Short: Travel Like Rick Steves
57:30 Q&A

Find out more about the exhibit, here: https://vesterheim.org/exhibit..../innovators-and-inve

Sonja Perkins leads a conversation about her career journey, tech startups, angel investments, and her mission to empower and support at-risk teenage girls and women everywhere, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQyfKD6CiTY

Jamie Holmes tells the dramatic story of the scientists of Section T and their work to develop the proximity fuse, considered the world’s first “smart weapon", here: https://youtu.be/HBGFsMcpFfE

Hear what Merle A.'s daughter Lucy Tuve Comly and Richard L. Tuve’s daughter Christine Tuve Burris have to say about their experiences being daughters of important Norwegian-American inventors, here: https://youtu.be/xO_vMNa-aL0

Innovators & Inventors exhibition and lecture series is sponsored by the Tomson Family Foundation.

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