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Esper Hand is a "human-like" prosthetic arm that can be controlled by the mind


Daniel Chyi
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New York-based engineering startup Esper Bionics has developed a flexible prosthetic mind-controlled hand that learns how to suggest the best grip faster than similar prosthetics.
Esper Bionics' robotic arm is designed to be lighter and learn faster than many of the prosthetics currently available for amputees. The more the wearer uses the hand, the better and quicker it is to suggest the right grip.

Called Esper Hand, the arm uses an electromyography-based brain-computer interface (BCI) – a computer-based technology system that gathers brain signals and information from nerve stimulation of the muscle.

Over 30 sensors on the wearer's forearm and shoulder skin pick up on this muscle activity or "electrical cues" and relay the information to trigger an action in the hand.

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