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Bunch of Rulers Forged into Damascus - This knife rules


Daniel Chyi
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Thanks for giving 20 minutes of your worthy time, I hope you will enjoy this process.
On the Public demand I forged a Damascus Cleaver But the challenging part was stainless steel forging with Carbon steel. I used Rulers for making the Billet and most of the rulers belongs to martensitic Stainless steel family which are rich in carbon content but magnetic also.
The Core of Cleaver was made of 5160 High carbon steel and the outer layers were ''Rain Drop stainless steel Damascus''.

I made this Japanese style cleaver for my own use and it is NOT FOR SALE sadly but very soon I am launching my store so, stay connected to enjoy the beautiful stuff.

The handle was made with Japanese style, using hard wood with hexagons texture.
The guard was made of 304 grade stainless steel which is very durable against rust attacks and belongs to austenitic family but has low carbon content.


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