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6 Views· 09/02/22

Most Expensive Penthouse in Dubai ONLY The Richest Can Afford!


The Most Expensive Penthouse in Dubai

Dubai not only has record-breaking skyscrapers, malls, and detractions in the city, but the city is also renowned for its safety and security. So safe is Dubai, that even the ruler, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, roams around without guards or armored cars.

Living there is a dream come true for many and living in a penthouse in this city is heaven! A penthouse is how the opulence of Dubai is meant to be enjoyed, and in this viddeo, we look at the most expensive and luxurious penthouse in the city, One Palm Triplex.

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0:00 - Dubai's luxuriousness
1:10 - THIS is the most expensive penthouse in Dubai!
1:31 - Exterior of this masterpiece
2:27 - And the impressive interior

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