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497 Views· 16 February 2024

I Built a Lego Loop Rollercoaster!


I built a working Lego loop rollercoaster using Lego Technics!

This is part 2 of my Lego rollercoaster build series and I have expanded on the original track and rollercoaster vehicle design to incorporate two huge lift hills and a loop the loop!

The rollercoaster is now over 150cm tall and features two lift hills powered by Lego power functions motors.

The ride capacity is 10 Lego people per car with safer ride vehicles including upgraded restraints and seats compared to Part 1 - the launch rollercoaster.

The track contains more than 2000 5x3 Lego technic lift arm pieces and the main loop is 64cm tall!

I will be doing a third video in the series at some point in the future.

00:07 Rollercoaster Vehicle 2.0
01:10 Track Design
01:28 Lift Hill 1
02:00 The Loop
02:34 Lift Hill 2
03:18 Lets Ride!

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