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KATARA TOWER: Qatar’s New Landmark of Luxury and Perfection on the Arabian Gulf | WELT Documentary


Doha, the Katara Tower. After 10 years of planning and construction, these two towers are a symbol of Qatar's meeting on the Arabian Gulf. In just 12 weeks, two luxury hotels will open on 37 floors each, with almost 500 suites and hotel rooms as well as 18 restaurants, bars and cafes. Money is no object, as the goal is to surpass all previous mega-hotels on the Gulf. With the world's largest chandelier at a height of 57 meters and the world's only multimedia kaleidoscope in a hotel lobby, there are only 80 days left to finish on time. An almost impossible task for Christian Hirth, the German manager of both hotels. Despite construction sites everywhere, the team and Christian Hirth are meticulous in their attention to detail and ensure that everything is absolutely perfect before it opens. Two weeks before the opening, the 1130 employees from 73 countries finally see their uniforms for the first time. Join us as we explore this mega-hotel, the new landmark of Doha.

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