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15 MIN Full Body Morning Stretch | An Easy Daily Yoga Flow For Momentum In Your Life โ‡’ YOGA SECRET


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A beautiful and easy daily morning stretch sequence to get your full body aligned and in perfect simpatico with your entire day to come. Through connective breathing and movement, this Boho Beautiful Yoga class will rejuvenate the body, clear the mind, and focus your entire inner being towards all that will bring deep benefit to your day.

Yoga Instructor- Juliana Spicoluk

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0:20 - Class Introduction
1:01 - Sponsor Commercial
2:13 - Class Start
2:20 - Open-Legged Child's Pose
3:00 - Cat to Child's Pose
3:20 - Cat to Cow
3:50 - Right Leg Pulse
4:07 - Left Leg Pulse
4:25 - Downward Dog Prep
5:00 - Downward Dog
5:35 - Puppy Pose
6:09 - Downward Dog
6:30 - Forward Fold Rag Doll
7:00 - Stand to Forward Fold Wave
8:00 - Forward Fold
8:30 - Low Lunge
9:10 - Twisted Lunge
9:49 - Half Split
10:25 - Forward Fold
10:33 - Low Lunge
11:11 - Twisted Lunge
11:50 - Half Split
12:30 - Forward Fold
12:45 - Transition to Back
13:05 - Spinal Twist
14:15 - Happy Baby
15:00 - Full Body Stretch
15:20 - Easy Pose
16:00 - Namaste

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