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53 Views· 25 June 2024

Lotus Emira - Finally! - Buying the Most Interesting Car of the Year! | Everyday Driver



In an unplanned series of events, we drove the year's two most anticipated cars on the same day - and Todd bought one of them! Join us for the reveal of our next long term car and part of our upcoming road trip films. Todd shares the story of how it happened, the reasons why, and much more. This is only the beginning!

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00:00 - The Years 2 most anticipated cars on the same day.
3:22 - How I got one now, and not later.
6:46 - So close, I have to have it.
7:49 - Get in line
8:48 - Big Plans for this car
10:58 - What makes this special
13:16 - Doesn't feel real
14:33 - Downsides, Now and in the future
16:16 - A new Chapter, and much more to come.
17:29 - Depends on Your Perspective

#Lotus #Emira #Cybertuck

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