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36 Views· 16 March 2024

Mindful Morning Yoga for Mental Health | Yoga with Adriene



For World Mental Health Day 2020, The Wellness Experience and Yoga with Adriene bring you a mindful yoga practice designed to connect brain to body for mental health and optimal physical wellbeing. Use your breath to create a healthy flow of energy in the body. Practicing this session regularly can increase flexibility, mobility, and welcome balance and clarity to your mental and emotional state. Not practicing in the morning - no problem - this practice can serve as a start to the day or any other time of day. For more Yoga with Adriene visit www.yogawithadriene.com

The Wellness Experience by Kroger is a virtual wellness platform and multi-day festival experience designed to inspire physical, emotional, and mental health. The new Wellness Experience Platform provides healthy-living resources to help customers take actionable steps toward making their lives healthier, easier, brighter, and a bit lighter.

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