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57 Views· 07 February 2024

Process of Forging a Katana (Japanese Samurai Sword) with Tamahagane / 武士刀鍛造過程 -Taiwanese Swordsmith



Forging a Sharp Katana (Japanese Samurai Sword)!

This Taiwanese swordsmith once went to Japan to learn the art of forging samurai swords and returned to Taiwan to open a swordsmith workshop!
The forging of a Katana (samurai sword) demands meticulous craftsmanship,
and the entire process of crafting one can take several months.
The samurai swords here are beloved by swordsmen from around the world.
If you're interested in purchasing such a samurai sword, feel free to contact this workshop!

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✨Product in This Video✨
Katana / 武士刀 (基本款)

**Location information**
陳江榮刀劍鍛鍊所 (Ron Chen Forge)

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