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160 Views· 10 July 2024

Inside An Architect’s Cosy 624 Sqft Studio Apartment With A Murphy Bed



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In this week's episode, discover the transformation of a 624 sqft apartment in Newton, expertly redesigned by architect Mikolai and interior designer Joyce. Originally a singles apartment, the couple undertook a renovation challenge when expecting their daughter, Stella.

The apartment, designed as an open space with minimal corridors, utilises movable curtains to define various areas throughout the day. Stella's room, immediately accessible upon entry, offers privacy when needed, thanks to a cleverly designed curtain partition.

The living space seamlessly incorporates a full-sized dining table, doubling as a versatile counter space. High ceilings enable ample storage without compromising on space. The kitchen features a practical whiteboard sticker for notes and messages, adding functionality to the area.

The bathroom underwent a notable transformation, with a crystal mirror turning it into a light-filled and visually spacious environment. The balcony, though small, provides a private retreat for the family, especially after putting Stella to bed.

The flexible living room/bedroom concept ensures a clean, uncluttered space during the day, with all non-essential items neatly stored away. The apartment boasts a curated collection of meaningful objects, including art pieces made by the couple themselves.

The toilet's spacious vanity desk adds essential storage. Despite initial concerns about living comfortably in a small space, the family-of-three now confidently calls this apartment home. With its thoughtful design and functionality, this home stands as a testament to the beauty of efficient and purposeful living.

As always, special thanks to the homeowners for opening up their home to us.

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