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Inside Micron Taiwan’s Semiconductor Factory | Taiwan’s Mega Factories EP1


Daniel Chyi
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Join us for a tour of Micron Technology’s Taiwan chip manufacturing facilities to discover how chips are produced and how innovations in the semiconductor industry impact people and businesses all over the world.

Take a look inside one of the semiconductor factories that make Taiwan the most significant site of semiconductor production in the world. Thanks to modern technology and constant innovations, chip manufacturing advances at a rapid pace. Today, each silicon microchip contains over 100 billion transistors, the switches that make up the basic units of computing. Each transistor is just a few nanometers in size, making them a fraction of the size of a human hair.

This means that even the slightest contamination can halt the entire chip production process. In fact, the semiconductor manufacturing process contains over 1,000 steps, all of which must be executed perfectly to produce functional chips. In Micron’s mega factory, silicon wafers are processed with incredible precision. The dustless factory is highly automated, which minimizes the number of humans required to enter. Each silicon wafer is coated in a UV-sensitive liquid, then etched using photolithography. We exhibit the entire process here in high resolution, giving you an inside look into the workings of one of the most high-tech factories in the world.

Micron Technology is a global leader in the semiconductor industry and produces leading-edge memory products. Its neighbor Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) produces industry-leading logic technology. These two companies constitute a large portion of the Taiwanese semiconductor industry, which spans the island from north to south. As they grow and continue to innovate, their products require more and more resources to produce, putting increasing pressure on the environment. Micron leaders share how they are expanding their innovative approach into the area of resource management, enabling them to create more sustainable products.

00:00 Taiwan’s Semiconductor Mega Factories
01:10 Micron Technology’s Factory Operations Center
02:39 Silicon Transistors: The Basic Units of All Computing
04:34 Taiwan’s Chip Production Facilities
05:47 Micron Technology’s Mega Factory in Taiwan
08:00 Semiconductor Design: Developing the Architecture for Integrated Circuits
08:45 Micron’s Dustless Fabrication Facility
11:06 Wafer Processing With Photolithography
13:13 Automation Optimizes Deliver Efficiency
14:50 Monitoring Machines from the Remote Operations Center
16:37 Transforming Chips Into Usable Components
18:41 Mitigating the Environmental Effects of Chip Production
21:40 A World of Ceaseless Innovation
22:30 End Credits

How TSMC Became Taiwan’s Silicon Shield? https://youtu.be/-i7U53miOeo

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