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516 Views· 16 February 2024

🔥 Hot Wheels & Lego - ♾️ Infinity Loop #lego #hotwheels #moc


Three types of Lego motors for How Wheels boosters.
Making and testing, speed measurement, and, finally, trying to make an infinity loop for Hot Wheels cars.

ASMR sound, as you requested... :)

00:00 EV3 Large Servo Motor
00:50 First speed test
01:25 Speed test after the upgrade and power up
01:40 PF XL Motor - is it better?
02:09 Incredible speed result!
02:57 But not for a tall car...
03:08 OK, let's try four PF L motors
03:52 Finally, Infinity loop!

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#lego #hotwheels #moc

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