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Most Luxurious Mansions of New Zealand | Expensive Mansions in New Zealand


Most Luxurious Homes of New Zealand | Expensive Homes in New Zealand
Most Luxurious Mansions of New Zealand | Expensive Mansions in New Zealand
New Zealand was already gaining popularity among billionaire property investors even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Due to the country's strict policies, it has been closed for a long time now. However, as the industry expects an influx of international property when borders reopen, you can expect the prices to go up even more. And rightly so, New Zealand is home to some beautiful and luxury houses that don't come cheap. What everyone classifies as a 'dream home' is entirely subjective, but if Heli-pads or panoramic views of the Queenstown rivers come to mind – you'll probably love this list of the 10 most expensive places to live in New Zealand.

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