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6 Views· 17 August 2023

How To Get The Splits ♥ Yoga For Full Splits | 30 Day Challenge


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-If you want to get the splits, you must commit to working at it everyday.
-Other videos that claim you'll get the splits fast, risk injury and are impossible claims.
- Choose some of the pairing videos in this descriptions to pair/rotate through each day and expedite your results.

This is a 10 min yoga sequence that I've created for you that will target every muscle you need in order to achieve full leg flexibility. I want you guys to treat this as a 30 Day Challenge, where you will dedicate 10 min each day and practice these stretches. If you commit yourself to that, I promise you will be down in splits in no time.

My 30 Day Challenge for you is to incorporate this video with my other yoga/fitness videos everyday. By working the muscles, getting them super warm and then going into deep stretches like the ones in the video, it will make your progress much quicker.

Great videos to pair with:

Morning Yoga Workout♥

Yoga for Core & Balance♥

Beach Yogalates (Pilates/Yoga Fusion)♥

Full Bikini Body Workout♥

Love Handle Eliminator♥

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