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King of AMERICAN BARBECUE!! 🔥 #1 Pitmaster Rodney Scott Shares His Secrets to Perfect BBQ!


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SOUTH CAROLINA, USA - Today we’re going to two of the most legendary barbecue smoke houses in the United States. They do everything the traditional way - using only hard woods. We’ll begin with the original Scott’s Bar-B-Que in Hemingway, South Carolina and continue to Rodney Scott's BBQ in Charleston.

Scott’s Bar-B-Que: https://goo.gl/maps/uEcd1Q44iV2L2iHK9
To begin, we started where it all began, in the small town of Hemingway, South Carolina. The bbq was excellent and I especially enjoyed the ribs and the chicken.

Rodney Scott's BBQ: https://goo.gl/maps/b4VG6u6qypfHsyxg8
It was an honor to spend a few hours with one of America’s best pitmasters Rodney Scott. I asked him what makes good bbq, and he immediately answered patience, hard wood, good proteins, music and storytelling. Rodney also sprinkles on seasoning, spoons out the meat, and uses a mop to add sauce!

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