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What can we do with Bose-Einstein Condensates? - Lene Hau's laser experiments



This is an addition to a reference for an article I wrote on my website. I'm sorry, I forgot where it comes from but I have pretty good idea that it's from BBC Horizon ' Parallel Universes':

It's meant to clarify a section of the ending of the video from PBS; 'Absolute Zero' where Lena Hau's experiment is placed anticlimactically which I thought was unfair. I found additional footage that really explains the experiment very well and decided to place it here too.
Besides computers; this may be developed into a form of teleportation in the future.

This is embedded on my website on my History of Thermodynamics entitled HTML'S MAGIC: 'Extreme Cold: Beyond Absolute Zero'

Some people have asked me how come the laser light carrying the information is stopped and does not heat the Bose-Einstein condensate. The only explanation I can give is that laser light can be at any temperature including temperatures encompassing matter that can only exist at such low temperatures. It is used, after all, for cooling already. This light at a specific temperature travels at the speed of light in free space until it is forced into a Bose-Einstein condensate. The "control laser" light used to send the light on its way again is probably much hotter.

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