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【日本最古!天丼発祥の店】創業130年!明治から引き継ぐ浅草『土手の伊勢屋』にお客が長蛇の列をなすEstablished 130 years ago, the birthplace of Tendon


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Asakusa's 'Dote no Iseya' is a historic restaurant renowned as the birthplace of Tendon, a beloved Japanese dish consisting of tempura served over a bowl of rice. Established 130 years ago during the Meiji era, this iconic eatery has been attracting long lines of customers eager to savor its authentic flavors and rich culinary history.

#### **History and Legacy**

- **Founding**: 'Dote no Iseya' was established in 1893 in the bustling district of Asakusa, Tokyo. The restaurant's name, "Dote," refers to the levee near which it was originally located, while "Iseya" reflects the founder's family name.
- **Invention of Tendon**: The restaurant is credited with creating the first Tendon, combining crispy tempura with steamed rice and a special sauce. This innovative dish quickly gained popularity, making 'Dote no Iseya' a culinary landmark.
- **Legacy**: For over a century, 'Dote no Iseya' has maintained its reputation for excellence, passing down traditional recipes and techniques from generation to generation.

#### **Culinary Experience**

**Signature Dish**:
- **Tendon**: The star attraction at 'Dote no Iseya' is their Tendon, featuring a variety of tempura, such as shrimp, fish, and vegetables, all perfectly fried to a golden crisp and served over a bed of fluffy white rice. The tempura is drizzled with a rich, savory sauce that enhances its flavor.

**Menu Highlights**:
- **Tempura Selection**: In addition to the classic Tendon, the restaurant offers a range of tempura dishes, each prepared with the same dedication to quality and tradition.
- **Seasonal Specials**: 'Dote no Iseya' prides itself on using fresh, seasonal ingredients, ensuring that each visit offers a unique and delightful culinary experience.

#### **Dining Atmosphere**

- **Traditional Setting**: The restaurant's interior retains a nostalgic charm, with traditional Japanese décor that transports diners back to the Meiji era. Tatami mats, wooden furnishings, and paper lanterns create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
- **Friendly Service**: The staff at 'Dote no Iseya' are known for their hospitality, providing attentive and courteous service that enhances the overall dining experience.

#### **Popularity and Cultural Significance**

- **Long Queues**: Despite the passage of time, 'Dote no Iseya' continues to draw long lines of customers, both locals and tourists, all eager to taste the legendary Tendon. The sight of a queue forming outside the restaurant is a testament to its enduring popularity.
- **Cultural Icon**: As the birthplace of Tendon, 'Dote no Iseya' holds a special place in Japan's culinary heritage. It has been featured in numerous food guides and television programs, further cementing its status as a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

#### **Conclusion**

'Dote no Iseya' is more than just a restaurant; it is a living piece of Japan's culinary history. For 130 years, it has been delighting customers with its delicious Tendon and preserving the traditional methods that make this dish so special. A visit to 'Dote no Iseya' is not only a chance to enjoy an exquisite meal but also an opportunity to experience a part of Japan's rich cultural tapestry. Whether you are a food lover or a history buff, 'Dote no Iseya' in Asakusa is a destination that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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