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45 Views· 10 July 2024

Inside A HDB Garden Home Designed For Pets And Pottery



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In this week's episode, a tour unfolds in an upper Serangoon three-room HDB dwelling, meticulously designed around the homeowner's lifestyle and passions. Hosting pottery sessions is a central theme, showcasing how the 1970s layout was reconfigured for communal creativity.

This 786-square-feet HDB features one bedroom, one bath, and a spacious kitchen. Collaborating with Insight Out Studio, the homeowners transformed the space, beginning with the blush-coloured front door that leads into an open expanse.

No dedicated entryway, but the immediate view captures a sizeable dining area. A 2.2-metre Jati wood dining table accommodates up to 10 people, resonating with warm and rustic charm. Terracotta-toned windows, replaced with bi-folds, enhance natural light and cross-ventilation.

The microcement flooring creates visual continuity, allowing the two adopted dogs to roam freely. The removal of a common bedroom expands into a living room, featuring an L-shaped sofa, indoor plants, and terracotta walls for an intimate ambiance.

Moving on to the kitchen, a large, L-shaped space integrates a bar counter and extends into the service yard, seamlessly housing laundry and doubling as a pottery area. The bathroom, simple with white tiles, is divided into toilet and shower sections.

Parquet flooring graces the comfortable master bedroom, featuring a queen-sized bed, open wardrobe, and study table. The mix of materials, from plywood cabinetry to terracotta backsplash, creates a raw yet warm atmosphere. Explore this thoughtful transformation that balances functionality and artistic expression.

As always, special thanks to the homeowners for opening up their home to us.

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