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Villa AQUA by Manuel Ruiz Moriche, ARK Architects. The15 Sotogrande AREA. Best Resort in Spain


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Nestled in the prestigious The 15 Sotogrande area, Villa AQUA, designed by the renowned Manuel Ruiz Moriche of ARK Architects, stands as a testament to luxury, innovation, and architectural brilliance. This exquisite villa embodies the epitome of modern living, seamlessly blending natural beauty with cutting-edge design.

#### Location: The 15 Sotogrande Area

Sotogrande, located on the southern coast of Spain, is celebrated as one of the country's most luxurious and exclusive resorts. The 15 Sotogrande area, where Villa AQUA is situated, is a private and secure enclave that offers unparalleled views, world-class amenities, and a serene environment. This area is known for its elite clientele, including celebrities, business magnates, and royalty, who are drawn to its exquisite lifestyle offerings.

#### Architectural Masterpiece by Manuel Ruiz Moriche

Manuel Ruiz Moriche, a visionary architect from ARK Architects, has designed Villa AQUA to be more than just a residence; it is an experience. The design philosophy of Moriche emphasizes harmony with nature, sustainability, and the creation of spaces that enhance the well-being of its inhabitants.

**Key Features of Villa AQUA:**

1. **Innovative Design:**
- **Fluid Spaces:** The architecture of Villa AQUA features fluid spaces that flow seamlessly from indoor to outdoor areas, creating a sense of openness and connection with the natural surroundings.
- **Natural Light:** Large floor-to-ceiling windows and strategically placed skylights ensure that the villa is bathed in natural light throughout the day.

2. **Luxurious Amenities:**
- **Infinity Pool:** A stunning infinity pool serves as the centerpiece of the outdoor space, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the lush landscape.
- **Spa and Wellness Area:** The villa includes a state-of-the-art spa and wellness center, complete with a sauna, steam room, and massage area, providing a private sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.
- **Home Theater:** A fully equipped home theater allows residents to enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of their own home.

3. **Sustainable Living:**
- **Eco-friendly Materials:** Villa AQUA is constructed using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
- **Energy Efficiency:** Advanced energy-efficient systems, including solar panels and smart home technology, reduce the villa's carbon footprint while providing the utmost comfort and convenience.

4. **Exquisite Interiors:**
- **Custom Furnishings:** The interiors are adorned with custom-designed furniture and high-end finishes, reflecting the villa's commitment to luxury and quality.
- **Art and Décor:** Carefully selected artworks and décor pieces enhance the villa's aesthetic appeal, creating a sophisticated and elegant ambiance.

#### The Best Resort in Spain: Sotogrande

Sotogrande is not only known for its luxurious villas but also for its exceptional amenities and lifestyle offerings. The resort boasts world-class golf courses, including the famous Valderrama Golf Club, pristine beaches, a picturesque marina, and exclusive polo fields. Gourmet dining, high-end shopping, and vibrant cultural events add to the allure of Sotogrande, making it a preferred destination for the elite.

#### Conclusion

Villa AQUA by Manuel Ruiz Moriche of ARK Architects is a stunning example of modern luxury living, perfectly positioned in the exclusive The 15 Sotogrande area. This villa embodies the best of architectural innovation, sustainable design, and opulent amenities, making it a true gem in one of Spain's most prestigious resorts. For those seeking an unparalleled lifestyle in a breathtaking setting, Villa AQUA offers an exquisite retreat that is second to none.

Villa AQUA is a luxury villa located on a unique plot in the private area of The 15, with a large natural park and views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Villa AQUA adapts to your family’s way of life, placing your comfort and quality of life at the heart of the project.

In the local natural environment, natural light is intense but softly covered by the surrounding nature. The connection with these elements is at the heart of our project, in which we have designed several courtyards as climatic spaces, used to control shadows, temperature and natural air ventilation, but also as spaces of use and joy. Bioclimatic spaces improve the quality of life.

The garden built to be sustainable.

Villa AQUA rolls down the plot of land and its topography, in a parallel line to the sea, trying to mirror the contour of the water as its main focal point.

Water is the Root of this Project. Since the beginning of times, water has been the main origin and generative element of Life.

In Islamic culture, it had a religious and divine meaning. In our Project, it is the organizing element around which living spaces are positioned. It allows water to penetrate the interior spaces and blend into them, generating a microclimate that cools the house in summer while the courtyards act as green lungs and chimneys for cross ventilation. These water streams also act as mirrors that reflect light on the walls and ceilings, elevating these spaces to another dimension.

AQUA is rooted in the foundations of my architecture, which is humanistic and born from my love for natural materials and their relationship with light. This passion for creating homes with the people who will inhabit them at the centre of the focus involves understanding the place, orientation, lifestyle, the relationship between spaces, and the powerful light that we have in our area.

Manuel R. Moriche
“Projects where nature, spaces, natural light and a personal lifestyle connect to create sustainable homes – this is our commitment”.

The 15 is a gated community in La Gran Reserva, Sotogrande, featuring unique sites for your dream home.

Each property is set on approximately half a hectare, enjoying a setting amplified by their ‘cliff-hanging’ design.

Each residence includes options to our concierge lifestyle and property service, providing our residents the perfect conditions to enjoy their leisure time.
Architecture integrated with nature
The plots invite interaction between the architecture and its immediate natural environment to create different distinct spaces.

The inner and outer limits of the building are based on structures that develop from the inside to the outside, capturing the landscape, incorporating it into the building, and creating the ideal resort living space.

At The 15, the architecture is integrated to maximize views, where harmonization from inside to outside is seamless.

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