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242 Views· 17 March 2024

Unicorn Overlord Review



Unicorn Overlord reviewed by Eric Zalewski on PlayStation 5, also available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Most of Unicorn Overlord’s issues end up feeling like nothing more than nitpicks. The tactical combat system is unique and complex while also being easy to understand, expertly blending mechanics from many of its peers with smart new additions of its own. The interesting terrain across the continent of Fevrith makes every fight feel unique, with some of the best map gimmicks in any strategy RPG. And because the campaign is told through the eyes of a diverse and creative cast, its tropey fantasy story is elevated in a way that a more traditional storytelling style wouldn't manage. The shorter, more personal stories work wonderfully to support a loop of exploration and liberation that always leaves you begging to see one more tale told, one more town rebuilt, and one more battle fought.

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