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156 Views· 17 March 2024

Why Society Hates Creative People (And What To Do About It)



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Why do companies hate creativity? They might say they value innovative or divergent thinking, but realistically, most businesses rely on repeatable, formulaic results. Society also places an emphasis on convenience over craftsmanship. As if it wasn't hard enough, creatives, designers, and artists are their own worst enemy. So what can be done? Design and creative professionals are some of the most celebrated and underappreciated people, all at the same time. Our life would be far more boring without creative masterpieces, but society totally takes our contribution for granted. Why is that? On another note, why does society fear creative people so much? This video hopes to uncover some of these deeper questions.

big shout out to my wife Atena for slapping the crap out of me...for art.

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00:00-01:17 Intro
01:18-04:08 Convenience Over Craftsmanship
04:09-05:01 Scale Over Quality
05:02-07:49 New=Bad
07:50-09:44 Creative Or Cautious. Pick ONE.
09:45-10:49 The Bottom Line Is All That Matters
10:50-13:13 Success Destroys Creativity
13:14-14:14 Milanote
14:15-16:21 Poor Business Skills
16:22-16:54 Creatives Are Jerks
16:55-18:19 We Don't Fit In
18:20-19:52 Prince Didn't Fit In
19:53-20:53 Lack Of Talent
20:54-21:43 Creativity Is EXHAUSTING
21:44-26:23 What Should I DO!?

All content directed and written by John Mauriello. John Mauriello has been working professionally as an industrial designer since 2010. He is an Adjunct Professor of industrial design at California College of the Arts.

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