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Oddbods | Hot Dog Race | Funny Cartoons For Kids


When Zee enters a road endurance race, his notorious lethargy hardly makes him favourite to win the prize: a huge trophy that looks to Zee like a gigantic hot dog. . Especially when the others are so competitive they resort to unfair means to gain advantage. However, Zee might not be fast, but he certainly is determined, and the fact that everyone competing in the race has already written him off might well help him land a surprise.

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Meet the Oddbods:
Fuse ❤️ red - strong muscle, strong-willed
Bubbles 💛 yellow - smart, loves science and discovery
Newt 💗 pink - caring and sweet
Zee 💚 green - loves eating and sleeping
Slick 🧡 orange - a cool cat, loves a party
Jeff 💜 purple - loves cleaning and being neat
Pogo 💙 blue - playful, loves playing tricks

0:00 Hot Dog 500
06:59 Sugar Crash
13:59 My Fair Bubbles
20:58 Cross New Training
27:58 Clown Off
34:57 Don't Open the Box
41:57 Pumpkin Heads
48:57 Jeff and the Beanstalk
55:56 Oddbreak
01:02:55 Standing Tall
01:09:55 The Oddy Bunny
01:17:14 Wrsetlebods
01:24:14 Master Jeff
01:31:13 Trainerwrecked
01:38:13 Regifting
01:45:13 The Corn-spiracy Theory
01:52:12 Boddy Guard

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