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133 Views· 10 July 2024

Inside A Petite Modern Scandi Home In Orchard



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In this week's episode, we explore two distinctive two-bedroom units at the freshly TOPed One Draycott Park. These homes, originally show flat units, offer a unique departure from typical designs.

The first unit is a 797 sqft two-bedroom unit that features two bathrooms and is listed at $2.8 million. As you enter from your private lift, the lobby welcomes you with lighter woody materials and interwoven furnishings, adding character.

A long balcony with bifold metal screens leads to the dining area, which boasts a mini dining set and open shelving. A feature wall separates it from the lobby.

The living area continues the design with marble trimmings, dual-purpose furnishings, and an intimate atmosphere. The kitchen is equipped with built-in appliances and cabinetry. A sliding door leads to the service corridor.

The common bedroom, turned into the children’s room, offering a pull-out bed and open and closed shelving that doubles as the study table.

The unit features a well-designed bathroom, including a common bath, while the master bedroom offers a spacious ensuite bathroom with beautiful views. L-shaped windows allow plenty of natural light to brighten the space.

The second two-bedroom unit offers a slightly different experience, with 732 square feet of living space and a price tag of $2.5 million.

This unit showcases a darker, cozier ambiance with wood and stone elements. The dining area boasts a six-seater dining set and a one-of-a-kind marble bench. It's perfect for hosting family and friends.

The living area is designed for comfort and flexibility, with an abundance of natural light streaming in through expansive glass panels.

The balcony offers unobstructed views of the Ardmore area, and the landscaped garden ensures a consistent view.

The kitchen is designed with dark-themed finishes and practical features for easy cooking. This unit also offers a guest room that maximizes space and functionality.

The common bedroom, offering a platform bed, a study table, and open and closed shelving.

The master bedroom features L-shaped windows as well as curved ceilings. There is a hidden vanity while also being a porthole window and a spacious master bath.

And that concludes our tour of these two exceptional two-bedroom units at One Draycott Park.

As always, special thanks to the owners and the listing agent, Ivan Ng (R040150E) for allowing us to tour these incredible units. If you’re interested in finding out more about these homes, you can contact Ivan directly at: https://bit.ly/one-draycott.

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